Animal Wellness Clinic

The Pet Project is pleased to announce and support the efforts of Rescue Wire.  They’re a young non profit in the Twin Cities with many of the same goals.  More services is a really, really great thing.  This is their upcoming event:

RescueWire is proud to announce our First Annual Wellness Clinic! This event, sponsored by Metro Dogs, will feature a number of wellness opportunities for your companion animal! We will be offering the following low-cost services in one location:

Whittier Recreation Center
426 West 26th Street., Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, May 19th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

*spay/neuter services from Kindest Cut
(requires pre-qualification – please register with Kindest Cut by clicking on our event on their page –

*rabies/distemper vaccinations – $10 each

*bordetella vaccinations (required for doggy daycare and dog parks!) – $10


*QR dog tags

*pet first-aid kits

*nail clipping (dogs & cats)

This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for anyone in need of economically priced vet services. The only service you need to prove income for is the spay/neuters provided by Kindest Cut. This means that ANYONE is eligible to receive discounted services at this event.

We are very excited to be partnering with Dr. Raeyna Longtin of True Companion Vet Van for this event. Dr. Raeyna will be the lead vet on staff, and will be signing rabies certificates.

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